Wednesday, 22 May 2013

The briefest Book review...ever.

This book arrived yesterday.
It's a very good embroidery stitch reference guide.
I like the size of it too.

Very clear instructions for all types of stitches.
I found it quite inspiring.

 They have used a photo of a Suffolk Puff necklace I made a while ago too.
 Here is an example of my lovely old mate Mimilove 's work.   She is a superstar.
I bought it from here .
Thanks for stopping by x


Jayne said...

How lovely to have a piece of your work in another book Viv. I have a lovely inspirational embroidery book but I tend to use the same few stitches all the time.

Murgatroyd said...

Hahahaha - short & sweet indeed Viv, but to the point. I obtained a copy of the last book you recommended and was most pleased with it. Thank you! ;D