Sunday, 26 May 2013

There's a brand new dance but I don't know it's name...

I had a lovely few hours visiting, instead of standing,at the Vintage & Handmade Fair ,
 Chipping Sodbury, Gloucestershire yesterday.

Here are Jayne Country Cottage Chic and my dear friend Michele of Cowboys & Custard
organisers of the Fair.  
Thank you lovely ladies for organising such a fabulous Fair.

 Oh goodness, how I enjoyed myself.   I only went around the Fair once and spent the whole time nattering to all my friends and buying a few little bits and pieces.
Here is Donna Flower and her lovely Mum...If you need a vintage textile, Donna is your girl, as you probably already know.
So, to some of the trinkets I managed to spend my pennies on...

This sweet little book from Donna.

Lovely Letterpress from Wild Ink

 Rusty old tins, which I am looking forward to doing something with.

 Ribbons, glass headed pins and a bit of kitsch plastic

here are the pins, they are so pretty

 The fabulous and utterly unique Jess Quinn 

 A pack of softly worn quilt scraps from beautiful Ali of  Betty & Violet

 and a Fairy Chair from Thrifty & French   My current husband slowly shook his head in disbelief, when he clocked this teeny weeny little chair.   I told him it was a photography prop...hee hee.

 So, just a few of the incredibly beautiful, talented stands and makers that I managed to take a snap of. 

Talking of old tins, here is a mixed media collage artwork that I have just popped into Etsyland

and a textile birdy screen printed brooch.

Finally, Marna over at Little A Designs asked if would take part in her 'Meet the Artist' Q and A.
I was so pleased to be asked, but goodness it was so difficult to answer those questions.
I hope you enjoy reading a bit about me and my background etc.

Lovely day here, feeling really chippa!
Thanks for stopping by. x
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liniecat said...

Have there been many husbands before this current one then? lol Bless him, whats not to love about that chair!!!

somewhere on the avenue said...

A fairy chair!! and why not? The material stand looks fabulous, I could spend all day staring at it!! x

Georgina said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely x

the woolly dog said...

Great photos of the fair, and what a nice interview, snap - also aqua + Sagittarius!♥

Jayne said...

That is one fair that one day I definitely want to visit. lots and lots of gorgeous stands, and your purchases are gorgeous. I love that little chair and props are so important! Jayne x

Unknown said...

Such beauty. Such inspiration. Such work done from the beauty and inspiration to make more inspiring beautiful things with your fingerprint on it. Its' good!!! N, x

Country Cottage Chic said...

Lovely to see you & so pleased you had an enjoyable day at the fair!

Jopsy said...

I just read your part about your 'current' other half to mine. He smiled in a knowing way ;)

Deborah Darling said...

ooo all truly scrumptious in every way, I am definately going to the frome one at the end of the month, so maybe i will see you there :) love always! and thanks for all the inspiration xxxx

Lucia Leyfield said...


It was lovely to meet you at the vintage fair and I'm so delighted and honoured to be on your blog!
It really was a lovely day and my two little girls spent my profits at the fairy lady's stand! We came home and made a fairy garden which was lovely after such a busy few days getting ready.

Your blog is a joy as always, Lucia from Wild Ink xx

Lucia Leyfield said...


It was lovely to meet you the vintage fair and I'm delighted to have a little picture on your blog!

I had a great day and my girls spent all my profits at the fairy lady's stand and then came home and made a fairy garden :-)

Your blog is a joy as always xx

Lucia from Wild Ink x