Thursday, 14 November 2013

I´m no good at chatting up and I always get rebuffed ...

 Hand stitched flower brooch.

a few pics taken over the last week or so.

Isn't this little Vet's pill box just lovely?   So much nicer than a plastic bottle.

 A gift from a Dutch friend, from her Grandmother's shop.  So, even more special.

 Press night for 'Tartuffe' at Birmingham Rep., where our daughter Holly is temporarily 
Wig and Hair Assistant.

 The flowers were given to Holly by her boss, for working so hard.
Very proud Momma and Poppa :)  
 Always been a fan of Mark Williams and to think our Holly styles his hair for 'Tartuffe'.   
My heart could just burst.

 Here...packaging for brooch sales.   Old paper ephemera, screen printed and stitched.

 A few pieces for Selvedge Winter Fair.   If you intend to visit on the Friday evening and you would like a complimentary ticket...please let me know and I will send one out to you.

 This little 'Kitty Love' artwork is in a very time worn, old OXO tin.

 The wording on the inside makes me gag a little.   'Children love OXO and with milk, they thrive on it'. !!!

That's me for now, 
thanks for stopping by. x
Jona Lewie
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Joanna said...

Congratulations to Holly, how exciting! (she's a very beautiful girl, btw!).

I'd love to be at the Selvedge Winter Fair but I really couldn't trust myself and finances are getting tighter and tighter - something to do with me giving up work, which I'm loving but not loving the total lack of money :/ Anyway, wishing you much success.


Flaming Nora said...

Well done Holly, knew she would do good!
So pleased for you all.

20 North Ora said...

Congratulations to your daughter! Everyone likes to be told they've done a good job. I love your work. Good luck on your show. I am your newest follower.


Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

Oh Viv, Holly is wonderful! She looks like she could conquer the world, and I bet she will~

Jacqui Galloway said...

You must be very proud. Know the theatre very well as B'ham my home town. Love the brooch x

Mrs H.H said...

Big Congratulations to your Daughter, a lovely inspiring tale. As an aside, I love the pill boxes and your adaptations to them, very original too.

makepiece said...

Hi Viv, we're coming to Selvedge Friday. Will you be there or just Saturday like last year? Fingers crossed.

hens teeth said...

Hello everyone,
thank you for your kind comments.
I will be at Selvedge for the entire Fair...both days and the Friday evening.
Hoping to see you there

Anonymous said...

Just loving the OXO tin .... But I agree 'OXO and milk sounds disgusting.
Hope you remember me as I've been out of blogging for 4 years, only started again today... Your blog was my first port of call.
Frances x

Dizzy said...

I love your pill work...always inspiring!

Maddalena said...

Complimenti per la figlia e bellissima spilla !
Baci e buon lavoro

Unknown said...

Wonderful posting. Thank you for sharing.