Thursday 5 December 2013

Someday we'll build a home on a hilltop high, you and I, shiny and new ....

 just beginning to recover from the frenzy that was Selvedge Winter Fair, Chelsea town Hall, London last weekend.
Apart from the bout of food poisoning the night before I set up, which was one of the most horrid nights I have had in a long time...all went well with the Fair.
The Fair was crammed with so many goodies I wanted to buy, here are a few of my favs...  
Christine of Gentlework was there (with lovely friend)...Christine's work is truly sublime.
 Stunning work...
 Look at the feet!!!   She says in a high pitched squeal.
 So, now that major event is done and dusted...back to reality.

Just a short little blog post today and to finish with a few of my recent makes.

Thanks for stopping by. x
"Folks Who Live on the HillLyrics by Diana Krall


Joanna said...

Ugh, poor you - you could have done without the food poisoning! I loved looking at all those photographs, the Selvedge event looks amazing. I'm loving all your new makes too; you are such a busy girl!


crazydazy said...

love your glad I have discovered your blog

Maddalena said...

Very lovely work !I like your bags

Deborah Darling said...

its always a joy looking at your blogg Viv xxx

Jacqui Galloway said...

Beautiful work!

Debra said...

I just sighed my way through your photos, and sighed even more seeing your work. It's wonderful-thank you for showing it!
Glad you are feeling better!
Those bags are super!!!

Jayne said...

You couldn't make it up could you Viv, 364 other days to get sick! So glad it went well even though you weren't. Your new work is gorgeous, particularly like picture. Jaynex

Gina said...

It was lovely to see you at the Selvedge Fair... your work was among my favourites and there were lots of fabulous things. But sorry to hear you had been poorly... that was not good at all!

Mrs Bertimus said...

Can't believe you were poorly the night before, how horrid!
Hope the fair went well, I bet you sold out with your gorgeous wares!

Diane Foster said...

oh viv! sorry you weren't well - what a lovely stand, and what a great variety of stuff is available - I really have to put the selvedge fair on my to do list!
hope you did well!

Anonymous said...

Viv you look stunning in your picture you seem to be getting younger!
Must be all that wonderful crafting.