Tuesday, 22 April 2008

A few views

A few views of inside my 'retreat'.

I can't tell you how obsessesed/possessed I am by bird's nests. Much to the annoyance of the family.... because I walk everywhere peering into hedges and not looking where I am going. I obviously don't touch any nests, but if I find one in the winter that has come adrift, well my day is made! I look upon them as a sculpture of the finest order. A thing of exquisite beauty. Talking of birds, each morning I drive past a Rookery. The way their scruffy nests sit high in the trees and wave in the wind. Soon they will have privacy with the leaves emerging. The shape of the Rook is perfect to me too.
Oh my gawd, it did'nt take me long to start rambling , did it?
I have been watching a pair of Blackbirds build a nest in the ivy at the bottom of the garden for the last couple of weeks...anyway, something (maybe a Sparrowhawk) got one the the birds, will not go into detail!! :-( The nest occupants...all gone. I can't tell you how upset I was and actually still am. I know it's nature but my goodness I find it upsetting.
Any road up, back to the studio, and it's contents, of which there is quite a bit! I think that is a rabbit skull in one of the pics. I can cope with that, but my sister got me a sheep's skull, of which, I could'nt cope!
I adore anything found on a beach. I could spend the rest of my life beach combing and be a very happy girl/mature woman. Maybe it is the same as going into charity shops and finding a lovely....it's the unexpected find that makes me all glad inside. Buttons ~ as yes, buttons ~ I have 100's ~ can't get enough of them. I will be talking alot about buttons and probably you will be thinking omg she's never whittering on about buttons again, is she?
Hanging in the pic on bottom left, is a handmade Fairy made by Jayne Lennard. She is my favourite mixed media artist. She exhibited in the Fairy and Folklore Exhib along with Julie Arkell that toured (maybe still is) UK over the last year. Her work is exquisite and I was lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time and managed to buy this little Fairy made by her. Oh and the heart in the frame is made by Vicky King.
Anyway I'm really enjoying this indulgence of going on about myself, so I had better close for today.
I just wanted to thank you all again though for your fantastic support. I have been so touched and made so happy by all the kindness passed my way. x


Anonymous said...

That fairy is fabulous! Lucky you.

Gigibird said...

I just know we are going to get on famously as I have a passion for birds especially blackbirds….when we moved here there was a very mature pair of blackbirds – Mr & Mrs Blackie as I affectionately and rather obviously called them.
Every evening Mr B would sit underneath the garden bench and to my mind meditated for a while before he flew off. Then one day of course he never returned….I am still upset about losing him but I know that the blackbirds that visit now must be his children or grandchildren.
And as for buttons….I LOVE them.
I am not sure about the nests though….don’t they have mites in?

Stacy said...

I am so happy to have found you. I happened upon via Calamity Kims flickr. Your creations are fantastic, I cant get enough of your Huglies. They make me smile from ear to ear. Welcome to blog land. I cant wait to follow you along on your crafty adventures! Love Stacy