Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Pin Boards

I don't know about you but I do love a
good nosey around other people's houses, so I thought you may like a few more pics of inside my studio.
I know you can't really see much detail in the view of my desk, but this is the general look of the place. I end up working in a 2" square on my desk, very untidy, but I think it shows that you are busy if you have an untidy work area
;-) Mind you most of the space is taken up with my button collection. My friend Maureen gave me a set of bone buttons today, at work, it made my day!
Anyway the other two pics are the top and bottom of my pin board. As you can see mainly greetings cards, Orla and Poppy Treffrey feature. I recently purchased a beautiful brooch from http://www.melanietomlinson.co.uk/ her work is stunning.
Art of the Stitch at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, Mmmmm, the jury is out on that exhibition. I like to come out of exhibs buzzing but did'nt from that one! Oh and there is a photo on the pin board of my husband before we married in 1983/84, he looks like a child! Pre-married life, kids, mortgage, rising costs and bills, family etc ;-)
Well better go......thanks for stopping by.


Anonymous said...

I am working up to going to the The Art of the Stitch sometime soon. There's a definite 'them and us ' about that show. I apply every time but always get rejected. I get mad that its the flagship of the Emb Guild but they waste the opportunity by putting other things in. One of them even had a ceramic piece. Its as if they are embarassed by the notion of embroidery being beautiful and artistic in its own right. Don't get me started.

Anonymous said...

What a fabulous inspiration board! Know what you mean about ending up working in a tiny space; my work table just gradually disappears too. But your studio is beautifully tidy!

hens teeth said...

Jackie ~ the Exhibition was BORING. There was obviously the odd interesting piece but it left me stone cold.

Maureen ~ thank you for your great comments ~ as I said before ~ keep 'em coming!