Wednesday, 11 June 2008


It's been ages since my last post, tiredness seems to have consumed me just of late!
I have not been idle though and here's the latest of my envelopes.
I fortunately found that two of the oldest envelopes that were in my stash were exactly the same size, so I sewed them together. I like the shape the the two envelopes make. The writing is just exquisite and the dates are 1864 and 1868. I have added a hook and eye inspired by karen's use of hooks and eyes.
I could embroider these all day everyday, but somehow feel that I should be shoving the boat out a bit further and trying something new on the envelope front.
I think what is happening in my head, is that I know I am finishing work in three weeks and mentally I am telling myself I will be able to do that when I finish for the summer and it seems my system has closed on me. Also the garden calls to me, I am obsessed with plants and buying/planting them. Then in late summer the obsessive phase leaves and I am content to just potter. I think it's something to do with spring fever. Apologies for my strange rambling. I will close now and go and take a pill x


Gigibird said...

Being a fair weather gardener there seems a very small window that I want to go into the garden and create a masterpiece…..I am desperate to fill my garden with lovely plants but sadly my purse is empty plus I am very particular in what I want to go in…..beggars can’t be choosers but nothing yellow is allowed.

The envelopes are as usual gorgeous….how do you display them?

As much as I would like to have a dip in the sea I am far too self conscious to nip down the road in my cozzy with a towel wrapped around the worst of me. Plus I can’t bare the feel of seaweed. Drama Queen central.

Julia said...

This is so lovely! I grew up in and around Kirkcaldy so had a very close inspection of the address but it's a bit before my time so it wasn't anyone I knew ;-)

Anonymous said...

Another winner, Viv! Love the shape, and the hooks and eyes. Know what you mean about the garden; you have to plant and tend while the weather is good and everything is growing, then in high summer you can just wander among your flowers and do the odd bit of weeding/picking/dead-heading like a lady of leisure!

Bobby La said...

what a lovely idea? and why not do them until the mood passes? so pretty and moving.

Stacy said...

Viv,This is beautiful! I love the hook and eye! and how the bright colors of the flower, and the flowers themselves add a sense of mystery and beauty to the history of the envelopes. Like in the Secret Garden, how the rose garden had covered and devoured what was only haunting memories to the people who once went there. I just love it. Of course you know I am your #1 fan! :)

kolam bening said...

its so cool! can you teach me how to made it? thanks!