Sunday 1 June 2008

From Rose to Elsie

My husband and I (oohh that's sounds posh) visited Stockton Bury Gardens just outside Leominster, Herefordshire yesterday. It was a beautiful day, so headed out to this plant wonderland. Tea Room first port of call ... which is a Tithe Barn set in an Apple Orchard!!! Then on and around the gardens which includes a perfect Peter Rabbit veg garden and shall I say 'rooms' of various planting, ending in a sunken bog/pool area. Just heavenly. Sat and did a bit of drawing. It's really interesting how people react to someone sitting drawing/painting. Some folks sneak up behind and peer. Others just ask, others pretend they are not looking when they clearly are. Listening to snippets of conversation is fun too....I overheard this whilst drawing........a very old lady with her waistband of her skirt tucked under her bossom ..... in a very posh, loud haughty voice "it's been a very good year for the buttercups, has'nt it"?
Anyway, this blissfull couple of hours inspired me to get the old needle and thread going and this is the result. I dug this old Income Tax Receipt out, as I thought it would make a strong contrast to a decorative garden themed collage/embroidery. But I adore the little bit I've added at the bottom which says 'From Rose to Elsie' Taken from an old Christmas card. Just lovely. Available on Etsy ~ please see profile

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Karen said...

I have sketched in public and couldn't bear anyone looking at what I was doing, (not confident with the drawing skills) so I don't do it anymore. Well I don't sketch anymore, so my skills aren't likely to improve any time soon. Love the embroidery.