Friday, 30 May 2008

Top Shop again!

Firstly, yes, I had to go back to Top Shop. The other day was just a reconnaissance, yesterday she had birthday money burning a hole in her purse, so back we went again. I was very good and tried very hard for her sake, you would have been proud of me!
I got up this morning and thought that her cards looked very nice on the dresser and seeing that jackie had posted about her china collection, I thought I would too! Pic quality rather bad I'm afraid, no excuse, just laziness to go back and retake. The dresser contents are a mish mash of chipped items picked up over the last 25 years. Everynow and again I fight the cluttered collector in me and have a sort and put stuff away....but eventually it returns, dusted off and put back up.
Holly ~ is taking an art course where I work and her final major has been on the theme of Japan. I have sneeked a couple of photos to show you from her sketch book. She has collected imagery of Japan and collaged. I'm really proud of what she has achieved.
Also on the theme of Holly. I have in the past uploaded pics of the contents of Holly's school bag which I think was a couple of years ago. Things have not improved with time. This is the contents of her College bag......ughhh. It never ceases to amaze, but that's the generation gap for you!


Anonymous said...

Your dresser looks lovely. And Holly is obviously very talented too; love those oriental colours.

Jackie said...

I am so glad you too have clutter..and a dresser full! Its very pretty..I want it...lovely pots...unbearable envy. And you dust it!

Paul Sears said...

I see the word Sapporo and all I can think of is the beer. What's Top Shop? My wife is pretty crafty and she might enjoy swinging over there - is it a chain or local?

hens teeth said...

Paul sears photography ~ Top Shop is a chain clothing stores aimed at young women/men ~ size 10 and under!
Thank you Maureen and Jackie x