Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Woolly Pully Hugly

Had a splurge of energy last night and made woolly pully Hugly. Made from an old welsh pure wool shirt, yes shirt, the very thought makes me itch. Anyway, I'm really pleased with this little girl (girl, I said... dogdaisy!) She's very sweet and my daughter said that she is quite rabbity. I suppose that's the tape measures ears. I was really tired when I started to make her, but when you get absorbed in something you enjoy and feel inspired with, it's wonderful how you can forget everything and lose yourself.


Anonymous said...

A little girl hugly.Cute. I like the rabbit ears. I think you should name them.
And thanks for comments.

Anonymous said...

Lovely cuddly hugly. These are so cool, Viv.

Gigibird said...

A wool shirt? What a horrible thought!
Glad to see you have made something beautiful out of it:)

annas dreams blog said...

She is adorable!!!!