Monday, 5 May 2008

The Bunnies are so wild and shy

I made this Hugly this afternoon ~ I picked up a lovely old fabric Dean's Rag Book not so long ago for 10p ~ so I was able to use a page for this Hugly ~ six more pages to go! I have had a lovely day making ~ I finished off the textile embroidery and this Hugly ~ I should be making cards but I have to be in the mood for that.
I did have a bit of a dip today though, as my daughter is at Art College and she is using the house as her Art Studio. If you get my drift! i.e. my natural sponge .....left with household emulsion in it....overnight! My mono printing perspex board, left inked up.... overnight! Papers, stuff and kit everywhere. Paint brushes, half washed on back of cloakroom sink....nice hard emulsion stain on sink etc etc.
IS IT ME?????? When I have a moan, I get 'but I hav'nt finished yet'. Oh well, weary sigh!


Jackie said...

Well at least she wasn't using your STUDIO as her studio!
tell her off from me..(and I have an unattached son if she's interested!)

hens teeth said...

jackie ~ thanks for the offer of your son ;-) The telling off from you worked!