Sunday, 11 May 2008

Pointy Head Hugly

Got up really early today with the idea of making a pointy head Hugly and here we are ~ odd would perhaps be a good word! Wanted to try a change to the usual format and she has turned out quite well. Made from soft ticking and I've used a piece from a grandad shirt as decoration. She is very happy and pretty with her vintage mother of pearl eye and her dumpy little body! She shouts a big "hello" to you all! (I really must get out more).


Jackie said...

They're female?!!
Wasn't that a Jefferson Airplane album? Before your time I think.

Stacy A. said...

Hellooooo back adorable pointy head Hugly! Once again, cheered me right up. What a wonderful imagination you have. And your embroidered envelopes!!! When I get rich I wouldn't mind a whole wall of them, with a little Hugly shelf : )!!! I am saving my pennies. The weather looks nice, hope your enjoying your enchanted garden. Love Stacy