Thursday, 15 May 2008

My 'finds'

In our local market, a new junk stall has opened and my day was made when I managed to find this great 1950's book....Dryad Handicraft Instruction Leaflets.

Full of every craft imaginable, so lots of inspiration!!!!!Love these patterns.

And here,
a beautiful Bank Ledger from 1900 ~ I'm hoping to 'do' something with this!

Lovely script writing.

And the find of the day..............Vintage Photograph.
The seller and I did have a bit of a titter about the..... errmmm..... Gentleman ???
Either a Gentleman Actor, or a very 'plain', shall we say....Lady.

Either way, every time I look at this it makes me smile. ;-)


Jackie said...

I am so envious of that first book! It looks familiar nin style to something I must remember from my childhood.

Anonymous said...

Nin? I mean in.

green phoenix said...

I'm so glad you said 'plain lady'!
Very funny, poor man....
By the way I'm so envious of your garden studio.Lovely!

Gigibird said...

Those are definately mens elbows:)
Did you know I collect Dryad Press books?

Karen said...

Wow, what great finds. I am a teensy bit jealous!