Thursday 26 June 2008


I finish work soon for the summer, next Tuesday to be precise (not that I'm counting!) I can hardly wait. This is where I work at Stafford College of Art. We have had a very stressful couple of weeks with End of Year Show, Fashion Show and final assessments. Please forgive my lack of blogging just of late but my mojo has abandoned me. So as from next week.....a Viv full of vigour will be hitting the internet big styley. Can't wait to get going on some ideas and catch up with family, friends and blogging/flickr friends x


Karen said...

Welcome back! Thanks for the congrats too!

Lindsey said...

hehehe I am an ex-Stafford student from ages ago. I used to do City and Guilds Embroidery as an evening class at The Oval. Nearly came back to do my Foundation 3 years ago, but travelling was a bit of an issue.
Went to Sutton Coldfield instead and ended up doing HND and then working there. I just can't seem to escape. :o)

hens teeth said...

ethel and edna's tearoom ~ You and I seemed to have followed the same path ~ I did City and Guilds emb., then Foundation and then HND illustration ~ all at Stafford Coll and I ended up working there. The Oval has been sold now and is apartments. The Chetwynd has been vacated and we have all been shoe horned into a new building at Earl Street. I could be a full time student on a permanent basis, quite happily :-)

Karen ~ thanks for the kick up the bum ;-)

Michala Gyetvai (Kayla coo) said...

Know how you are feeling.
I work at a school and community college and I'm in the midsts of setting up a post 16 and community Art exhibition.
Can't wait for the holidays!
Lovely to read your blog.

Michala x

Jackie said...

Toilet brush/toliet duck..nearly the same. It wasn't that posh! From Morrisons!(But it was a CORNER brush..ooohh!)
Hope you have a big big bottle of wine and lovely rest from Tuesday. We have a spare room if you fancy a trip!

Sandra Evertson said...

What a Lovely, peaceful garden below!
Sandra Evertson