Sunday, 17 August 2008

Bitter Sweet Symphony

Latest needlecases....a little diversion down the dress making pattern route with a few of these. The lower pics here are the needlecases obviously opened out and I really enjoyed making them. I made them though with half an eye watching Prison Break on my lap top .....Oh.....Wentworth Miller you are divine! Whoops......Did I say that out loud, sorry!

At the risk of boring you all stupid.... 'V' Festival update...... Lucy home this morning (she went Fri. am to 'V') for a couple of hours to shower, eat and change in clean, dry clothing and dump her filthy, muddy tent and clothes.....then back for afternoon and evening...... Alanis Morrisette, Ian Brown and Muse. Amy Winehouse was "rubbish and danced like a chicken", sorry if that offends any Winehouse fans out there, but that's from my daughter who saw her last night. Friday and Saturday days have not rained, something to be grateful for but last night absolutely threw it down.
We did manage to hear from our house (windows open) The Verve's ~ Bitter sweet symphony, just above the sound of driving rain. The music comes and goes on the wind. It was good to hear. Mark and I like a couple of sad so and so's, trying to make out what tune the bands are playing!


Victoria said...

Great needle cases! And the festival of quilts looks like it was so much fun! How wonderful that you got to meet Jackie. She is so talented and seems like a real sweetheart!

Jo said...

Wow, I love these needlecases. You really have such a talent for making 'the ordinary' into something truly beautiful and unique.
Enjoyed reading about the NEC Quilt show too. Usually only go to the annual Sewing Exhibition, but think this show will have to be put in the diary for next year aswell.... any excuse to indulge and stock up on supplies..hee hee!!

Jackie said...

Those are WONDERFUL!
I am really a fan of vintage patterns..where on earth do you find them?
(I keep smiling when I think of Friday)

The fabric of my life said...

Such gorgeous needlecases, how clever of you :-)

My daughter is just preparing to go off to Reading festival. I am slightly envious though not of the mud and lack of showering facilities. I just pray there is no rain for her!

Raven's Rest Studio, Jennifer Conway said...

Yes, those needlecases are absolutely wonderful! Love them!

Anonymous said...

Wentworth Miller!! Is there anyone more gorgeous than that :)

Pippa said...

Hang on... you've turned paper into fabric! I'm in awe.

Fulvia said...

I wrote privately to ask where I might find this for sale since they are so beautiful but did not get a reply from you ...? Thanks.