Thursday, 7 August 2008

A divine purchase

Thank you to everyone who yet again, took the time and trouble to leave a comment. Lots of food for thought! I'm working on pin cushions at this minute, multi tasking you could say! I also would like to 'do' small journals/sketchbooks. Still not sure about the 'big sewing'!
Here is the latest needlecase. I have added a little more paper ephemera to the original and also just padded the inside slightly, just for a change. The photo looks a little pale but it's a sweet little thing.

And another of my collaged envelopes. Yet again another really old one here ~ dated April 8th 1864. The script is so beautiful, especially the word 'London', so elegant. Not sure whether I have actually improved on it!

Anyway I wanted to share this! On my travels yesterday, I purchased this divine note book. I stood in the shop for 10 minutes asking myself whether I could justify it....YES, was the answer!
It's a good size ~ 6 x 9" Hand wood block printed in Italy. The overlaying of the mutely coloured imagery is so special. It was a 'must have' of the highest order. Just to complete it's heavenly qualities, there are also faintly printed images on a few of the pages inside too. I honestly do not think I will ever be able to use it.
Back page
One of the inside pages


crafty diane said...

What a beautiful notebook! Isn't it something how we just have to have a certain notebook, but then can't bring ourselves to write in it? I seem to do the same thing! I have kept notebooks for years before I have finally decided what was special enough to be written in them!

Jackie said...

start right away and write your holiday diary in it! I've got cupboards of stuff 'for special occasions' that I'll never use.

Anonymous said...

I would have bought this notebook too, its lovely, really cute :o)

ArtPropelled said...

Love your collaged envelopes and as you say the script is beautiful. 1864? How wonderful is that?

The Bunny Maker said...

gorgeous notebook - i've got a thing about stationery! i would have had to buy it too!

Anonymous said...

you make the neatest things. I always download stuff backwards too (or erase them just before it's all done, or...!)

Pippa said...

BEAUTIFUL envelope and I love the map. This is really really lovely work. You're so talented.