Saturday, 23 August 2008

It's a lovely day......hip hip hoorah!!!

I wish there was some way I could thank so many people with a richer, more eloquent use of the english language, but sadly I am lacking in that way.... the last few posts have been extremely emotional and the contents of those letters have stayed with me in my waking thoughts and sleeping dreams. It has been wonderful that there has been so many fine comments with regard to these beautiful but heart breaking letters and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Right....change of subject......

Here's a little sweetie image that has been adhered to a small hard bound sketchbook/journal. I have collaged a lovely old postcard, copied it onto linen and then had a french knot frenzy!

I adore these little sweet.

I would like you all to meet Samatha of piccalily and blossom. She has just started her blog and it would be lovely if you could pop in and say 'hello'. It's very scary when you first kick this blogging thing off, is'nt it? Hello Sam ..................................

I would like now to thank jackie of dogdaisy for the blog award.....too kind and very much appreciated. Must pass this on.....need time to think about that one!

Now for Shopping List Saturday, as usual charlotte of fancypicnic has the list of members, if you would like to take a look at their choices, it's very interesting. Here is my choice for today. I have loosely based this week's Etsy sellers around the illustration theme, but as I say loosely!

First is Shelby Healey ~ Bird House.

Shelby did a wonderful thing for me and chose one of my needlecases that featured in Hand Picked on Etsy. I could not believe the flurry of activity and the hundreds of visits to my Etsy shop. I am so grateful to you Shelby. What stunning, wonderful work you have for sale in your shop.

2. lakeillustration ~ Thom Yorke ..... wonderful graphic image of a top bloke. The artist has many more great images of iconic people.

charliemotel ~ Choose illustration of your pet. Just delightful. 4. karingrow ~ MEOW ~ Retro Kitty Original ~ just purrrrrrfect.
5. lalitah ~ Birds Nest Cushion

johnwgolden ~ Pick up your clothes ...... this one is especially for gina .... we have a mutual dislike for teenager's abuse of bath towels!

I hope you have liked the Etsy seller's work....thanks for stopping by. x


Gina said...

I think I should have that sign printed x 4 and put on their bedroom doors!

Jackie said...

Thank fully the days of being 'The Management ' are I need someone to order me to pick up my clothes!

JayCee said...

I LOVE how the British call things "LOVELY." I have a couple of friends from Woodbridge, England, that always call things "LOVELY" - I just love that!

Unknown said...

I have admired your work for some time now. Just popping in today to say how beautiful it is! What pretty artist finds you have shared too. Thank you!

sue bulmer said...

hi viv, thanks for stopping by at my blog, and the comments you have left. it's funny how there are so many other people out there in blog-land going thru exactly the same frustrations etc, it's nice knowing there are other frustrated artists out there wondering where they fit in!!

Michala Gyetvai (Kayla coo) said...

lovely to catch up with your blog,love all your new things.
M x

maggik1 said...

Hello, Viv I feel so awful because I've just logged on to my googlemail account - forgot I had one! - and found two comments meant for your blog from Robyn and 'anon'. How did that happen? This bloggiworld can be weird sometimes? Always love looking at your blog! Sorree!!!

Pippa said...

A fellow Thom York fan?? I'm liking you more and more by the minute!