Saturday, 14 June 2008


I have a Fair next week at Flair ~ the designer maker fair that they hold twice a year. It's a great Fair for me, so I have been busy working towards that. Hence the photos above of greetings cards I have been making from an old table cloth I purchased very cheaply. I have found it very relaxing chopping and sewing and then selecting a button to add. The reflection is because I have the cards now bagged up in cello bags ~ lovely window reflection, I thought.
I had finished for the day just a little while ago and was just passing the outside door where I have a huge Hosta, this flower was staring straight up at me and I thought the design of it was incredible, so I took a quick photo and hey presto and quick post about a chopped up table cloth and a Hosta flower , how odd :-)


Gigibird said...

I thought you were going to say you were looking at your hosta and saw a big snail eating it!

Cards look fandabbydosey.

If I lived nearer I would come along to say hello and wrap it all up I’ll have it all :)

monda-loves said...

I love your envelope embroideries, so last week I bought myself some ancient envelopes from ebay - I have no idea what to do with them as yet (maybe I'll print onto them) but thanks for providing the inspiration for the purchase!


Susan Elliott said...

these are very sweet...