Saturday, 9 August 2008

The cuteness

Well girls I have actually produced two items that involved cutting two matching pieces of cloth and the use of a sewing machine. I am feeling quite smug and pleased with myself. Two pin cushions made this afternoon!

Front of Pin Cushion
Back ~ nice piece of hand embroidered tray cloth.

Close up of these darling little birds.

The other pin cushion ~ I adore these stamps/illustrations.

Back ~ this was a table cloth!
Complete change of subject ~ As in Jackie's post ....Is anyone going to the Festival of Quilts at the NEC, Birmingham, UK, next weekend? Not only for quilt lovers but for anyone who adores needlework in general.
I am meeting Jackie, she said she has to lose two stone for our meeting but I can assure her I need to lose three! I am not only looking forward to meeting my wonderful 'puter' friend and bumping into lots of friends, such as long time friend
mrs.jevs too..... but also looking at all the wonderful quilts, needlework, inspiration and the shopping, oh the shopping. Much to my husbands' horror, I take the opportunity to stock up on threads, fabric etc. and indulge too ;-) Check it out.......FestivalofQuilts.


Michala Gyetvai (Kayla coo) said...

I can't make the festival of quilts as we shall be on holiday.
I will be going to knitting and stitching show at nec.
Will you be going to that one?

Gigibird said...

I want to come!! but I live too far away and I will only buy notions - but a girl can't have too many in my opinion.
Hope you all have alovely time:)

Little cushions are very cute:)

Jackie said...

Hi Viv. Very cute indeed.
I have been looking at F.o Q. website and car parking is £8. Is there a park and ride anywhere nearby?

'fancypicnic' said...

Seriously considering it!
Love your new pincushions.

Victoria said...

Great pincushions!
The festival sounds wonderful, too bad there is an ocean in my way!

Gina said...

Lovely little pin cushions! I'm going to FOQ on Friday - can't wait!