Monday, 12 May 2008

Ancient Order of Foresters

Yes....I've been at it again! Another poor envelope has been vandalised!
I was lucky enough to be given some beautiful Deightons Transfers and a few pressed leaves by a work colleague, so over the weekend I put this little piece together. I just followed my nose with it and hey presto, a strange concoction appeared from nowhere. I wish I could report that hours of preparation, sketches, thoughts and hand wringing went into it, with deep and meaningful levels of reflection, deliberation, concepts and musings but no. If you have any 'thoughts' about this little envelope, I would love to hear from you...good and bad. (I think).


Anonymous said...

So glad to hear you did it 'intuitively',I'm not a great one for planning either. Its lovely.

gunnelsvensson said...

thsi is so wonderful! Your embroideried envelopes are so great! Love them! and me too, I work also "intuitively"

Meabh Warburton said...

Hi Viv,
Of course I remember you! So nice to hear from you. You don't seem to be doing the cards anymore from what I can gather on your blog.. Hope all is well with you. i shall stop by again!
All the best,

Anonymous said...

Intuitively is good, I'm sure. Just playing with materials always inspires, and look what gorgeous results you get!

Susan Elliott said...

I just love this envelope and everything about it. I believe great stuff happens when you let your mind go...I'm so glad I found your blog!

Busters Mom said...

Just found your blog. Read the interview on feeling stitchy.

I love the little envelopes. I would never think to look at an object like that and think Oh emboridery, and put a pressed leaf in there too. And make it look like a small art project. Really lovely they are. I must add it to the ever growing list of things to try. lol.

Anonymous said...

Your envelopes are so original and creative; I really love them. The "Ancient Order of Foresters" sounds very intriguing. Do you think they are still around?
Thanks for sharing your work.

hens teeth said...

Jackie ~ thankyou.
Gunnels ~ thank you too.
Meabh ~ great to hear from you.
mrsjevs ~ a great friend.
playwithneedles ~ thank you for your comments ~ your blog is so interesting and we love the same author.
busters mom ~ thank you so much for your comment and wonderful post about my 'stuff'. Very much appreciated.

hens teeth said...

cindy m
Thank you for your comment ~ not sure about the Ancient Order ~ these societies to tend to rumble on over the years, so I hope so :-)

French Knots said...

Delightful, working by instinct is best I think!