Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Celebratory post!

It's happened. Finally. After all this time.
SPRING HAS SPRUNG! We have actually had one full day of sunshine....no cloud bursts........no wind to chill your extremities.......just lovely warm sunshine, blue skies and blossom! OH THE JOY! How long has it been follow Brits since we last sampled decent weather, last April...April 2007..... I mean, since we had some consistent decent weather and boy do we need it!
So to celebrate, I have added a photo of Maude, this evening, enjoying her garden and an envelope I have been embroidering.
Enjoy the sunshine fellow Brits....enjoy:-)


Gigibird said...

Maude - such a lovely name for a chicken.

Is nothing safe from your embroidery?

I am actually finding the weather a bit too warm....but I'm not like other people.

French Knots said...

Just found you via Cutable. Your embroideries are wonderful, am off to look at your website too....!

gunnelsvensson said...

Maude is lovely! and your embroidery on the envelopes.How I LOVE IT!!! We have awonderful spring, almost summer, here in Sweden :-)

hens teeth said...

Gigibird ~ no nothing is safe from a needle around here.
The weather ~ I know what you mean. I love the sun but it does'nt love me. My skin can't take it and I cannot cope with heat, but saying that I love it when I can dry a line of washing outside!

french knots ~ thank you for your lovely comments ~ visit again soon!

gunnels ~ Thank you for your lovely comment. I am glad you are having a lovely spring!

Karen said...

I am far too warm, I get seasonal affective disorder, S.A.D., in summer! Looking at your envelopes makes me happy though, they are gorgeous.