Wednesday 23 July 2008


Good evening all.
Just wanted to tell you I have had a very delicious day......I have had the whole day making stuff in my studio/garden shed, in the style of Homer/doughnuts 'aaarrwwwwww'. It has been such a treat to know the whole day was mine. Except for one taxi service trip, that is taking daughter number 1 to work! I feel positively spoilt. Mind you, I'm paying for it with a totally numb backside (I could have been crude then) and aching shoulders, but "I musn't grumble".
You may (or may not) remember the piece above, well I have reworked it slightly by attaching it to a gorgeous piece of old map with big stitches, I have peeked and preened it a little too. I think it looks much better. The envelopes here are really ancient and very beautiful and I really like the way it has layered up and looks quite worn (like me). SOLD
I have also been working on my soldered pendants today, so you have that joy to look forward to tomorrow.
Thanks for calling by x


gunnelsvensson said...

Yes, I agree! I think this is very good at the old maps!

Michala Gyetvai (Kayla coo) said...

Hi Viv,
Loved looking at this, interesting places on the map.
Dog nest near the button.
Look forward to seeing your pendants.
Michala x

Lindsey said...

Gorgeous. I love the blue and purple flowers, and maps.. ooh..
Can't wait to see the pendants. :o)
My friend absolutely loved hers by the way. I bought waxed cotton cords in black or orange so she had a choice. She put it on as soon as she'd unwrapped it. A realy hit!!

maggik1 said...

Struggling with blogging this morning - it's all so new! Just wanted to thank you for your encouraging comments on my new blog. Love your stuff - have been looking at it for ages but haven't been leaving comments because it all seemed so complicated! It's becoming clearer - just - thanks to Jackie!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous work - so inventive!

ArtPropelled said...

I love those delicious days when you can create to your heart's content. Speaking about have some delicious items on your blog. Love what you do!