Sunday 6 July 2008

Brewery Ledger

Hey...I'm on a roll now, you will all be sick to death of me at this rate!
I want to thank everyone for your great comments, very kind and makes me very happy.
I'ts amazing what you can get done early in the morning. I have managed to do the best part of these two before the rest of the household appears, except for two dogs and 4 chickens of course and they are very demanding, particularly the chickens...anyway I digress. I purchased this old brewery ledger a little while ago and it has been the best few quid I have ever spent. Half of it went to Lu Summers and I must have included some part of it in everything I have done just lately. I have been using it as the background paper for the two pieces below. It dates back to the very early 1900s and goes up to 1930s. A really good find.
I have added these two to Etsy. Thanks for stopping by.

Collaged embroidery (172)

Collaged embroidery (65)


Gigibird said...

I wish I had some of your early morning energy!

Karen said...

Hi. Did you know that a piece of your work has been included in a mosaic here,
it looks really good!