Monday 7 July 2008

My latest soldered collaged pendant ~ Nice little shirt button added to this one and a beautiful Viking Ship vintage stamp ~ lovely orangey red. Again for sale on Etsy.

Holly and I visited Westhope College, Craven Arms, Shropshire yesterday, end of year show. We had a lovely afternoon. The show consisted mainly of City and Guilds work which was, of course, very interesting....embroidery, glass, book binding etc. The College itself is an old Dower House, so very pretty. Lovely coloured spools of wool.
My favourite bit of the afternoon ;-)

This was the view from the Village Hall, which hosted a craft fair in conjunction with the College show. I know you can't see from this pic very well but the view reminded me of Bavaria ~ the cows were a lovely ginger colour.
This was at the back of the village hall. Ancient apple orchard with sheep. What would you keep if you owned a Orchard. Sheep ~ Pigs ~ Geese ~ Hens ~ Goat ???? ~ Holl's suggestion was a Donkey!

This little fella waved goodbye as we left the college.
Thanks for visiting x


Carina said...

Weee! Danish stamps! Hooray! :-)

Gigibird said...

Spools of wool, cake and a cute little doggy......what a lovely day out.

Stella and I visit our local college to view the textile degree show - always very interesting.

Anonymous said...

If I had a field I would buy a donkey and take it shopping with panniers. Do you think you could leave it in Sainsbury's car park?

Stacy A. said...

My favorite pendant yet, it is beautiful. It looks so nice and green there. I live in New England, and I have noticed lately that we have all the same town names. When they settled here they really did try to make it exactly like home, with the same names and everything, funny. It looks like you 2 had a nice day. I think if I had some farm/orchard land I would have sheep for the wool, goats for the milk and chickens for the eggs. I like animals that are useful for more than just their meat, because then you get their friendship as well. I think I would need a few children too, to help me take care of them. It looks like I have a ways to go, but I can always dream. Have a great week Viv. Love Stacy