Thursday 24 July 2008

Mrs. Hen is very busy.

Once again, thank you to everyone who has visited and particularly those of you who have left such thoughtful and lovely comments. Every single comment is very much appreciated. I have been a working all day again and I have so many things to upload I need a day just for that, but a bit at a time will do.
I enjoyed working with Mrs. Hen here, she is such a sweetie that I wanted to do something with her. I do adore gingham, particularly red for some reason.

Now for a change of tack, this is another idea that I have had. To try and be a little more different and unique with the glass soldered pendants, I came up with paper cutting. Ideal really as you only have a fine piece of paper to sandwhich. My other pendants, being collaged, are more difficult to work. I like the way the light goes through the design and how it could be used to hang in a window aswell as being a pendant. Nightmare to photograph though!!!
I have more to show you and hopefully will post more this evening. (The ironing, oh the ironing, it's like a little devil sitting on my shoulder, saying "fancy doing your arty farty stuff, when your husband needs an ironed shirt").
Thanks for stopping by x


monda-loves said...

It's way to hot to be ironing today - I'm sure your husband will understand this. Mind you he might also argue it's too hot to be soldering too. It is a lovely pendant though :o)


Anonymous said...

Your collages are beautiful. I just recently found your things on flickr.

Anonymous said...

The cut paper is lovely, lovely, lovely. Definitely worth doing some more in my humble opinion. Go Gal!

Pippa said...

Mrs Hen would look lovely in a nursery. And as for the cut paper inside the pendants - that is a genius idea. Beautiful!